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GeekOut 2013: Coders unleash their inner geek for a 3rd year

Where do you start if you want to make the geekiest JVM technology conference in the world? It’s not easy. Being geeky is about passion, about learning and about fun. So you best bring those values to the table.

We decided that the only way to put such a conference together is to take commercial interests off the table. We treat Geekout as a non-profit, not as a business. We invited best vendors we could identify to come and show their wares, some without any payment. Everything at the conference is there, because we are passionate about it, not for any other reason.

By bringing speakers, vendors and participant in one place for two days our biggest goal is to spark ideas, start amazing conversation and forge new acquaintances. This is why we put as much focus on social activities as we do on the content and vendor selection. And since we like to have fun and play with cool toys, we will have a “Fast Fingers” typing contest, as pictured in the video above.

Now that the conference is only two weeks away, we can proudly say that it will be amazing. The speaker roster is as good as we could dream of, with Juergen Hoeller, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Attila Szegedi, Andrey Breslav and other awesome people, plus some of the best vendors in the industry to show all-technology demos (Atlassian, Vaadin, Github, Cloudbees, JetBrains and, ehem, ZeroTurnaround). Safe to say, our party is going to rock :)

It's not too late to get a ticket!

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    October 12, 2013 @ 7:46 am

    that is cool how can i become part of it

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