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Developer Productivity Survey 2017: Why do you use the tools you use?

Rejoice, Java community, as there’s an opportunity to do good today at the same time as becoming smarter yourself!

We’re excited to launch the survey for the RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2017. We’ve done a bunch of survey fuelled reports in the past and try to publish one every year analyzing the responses we get from the community about the tools they use, the technologies considered exciting or dull, the architectures we employ to build software, productivity metrics and so on. If you’ve done this before, know the ropes and just want to get started with the survey, click the fantastic button below and you’re good to go.

What is it about this year?

This time we want to learn and talk about the reasons behind choosing particular tools, rather than tools themselves.
Why do you and your team use tools, what were the reasons for picking them and why don’t you move to something better?

Last year we released the third installment of the tools and technologies report which looked at the landscape of the tools in use (check it out it is pretty interesting). And one thing we confirmed is that the ecosystem doesn’t change that dramatically in just one year. So we have time to ask more pointed questions about why certain technologies are picked? Are there differences between choosing an IDE versus choosing the project architecture? And so on.

Hopefully, the data from the responses will give us answers to many questions, including how large teams differ from small teams? Which frameworks and architectures are picked by the developers or imposed upon developers by their upper management? Which tools are the hardest to ditch? Are developers, in general, happy with the tooling they use?

Note that some questions might seem like they have a correct answer. Please try your best to respond honestly. There are no correct answers, it’s not a test!

Anyway, it’s gonna take just a couple of minutes. Also, don’t forget to add your email address at the end of the survey if you’d like us to send the report straight to you!

Also, please help get this report out to the masses by sharing this post! For example, here’s a tweet you can retweet without second-guessing whether you should:

Are you still here?

If you’re still reading this, I guess you’re not into clicking any sort of buttons, here’s the embedded survey: you know what to do! Thank you!

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