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Community renames JavaRebel to JRebel

For those of you who have been keeping up with recent ZeroTurnaround news, even though there are shows like Big Bang Theory to distract you, you’ll know that JavaRebel has been going through a renaming process. Instead of choosing the name ourselves, we opened up the process to anyone who wanted to contribute ideas.

One of our primary concerns in renaming JavaRebel was losing the growing audience of people who have heard about it in passing, and noted to themselves that this is a tool worth trying out.  So it was interesting to note that when community-sourcing a new name, familiar naming conventions are the most popular.

Of the 90+ comments on the renaming blog, and 100+ suggestions on our suggestion page, the name most chosen was “JRebel” — so that’s what we’re going with.

Now, there were also some VERY creative names proposed, and we’d like to thank the folks who took the time to come up with them. Here were some of our favourites:

  • RebelDeployer – from “Andy” who noted that it sounds like a Sith space ship… I thought it more relevant for the Alliance, but whatever.
  • RebelRebel (full of Bowie connotation) – from “Peter” and “CPJ”
  • Continuity – from kodeninja
  • JivaRebel – according to Chaikhanna, “Jiva” is Sanskrit for the immortal essence of a living being, which survives physical death. Or, in this case, repeated reloads leading to some refinement of the original.
  • Diponegoro – according to Hannu, “Diponegoro” was a Javanese prince who was the leader of the rebels in the Java War 1825-1830. A perfect historical match for words Java and Rebel.

And a few more that made us laugh:

  • JFireStarPowerLavaInfernoRebel – by Felipe Soares
  • 44 Magnum or just Magnum. Tark Sammons comment was: “Think “Dirty Harry”, especially the “do you feel lucky punk” speech. It says fun, playful, and serious all at the same time. It conjures up images of Dirty Harry pointing a 44 Magnum at Eclipse while it is “Building Workspace” and reloading the context and putting that whole process out of its misery.”  — Note: of course, I’m pretty sure that 44 Magnum is copyrighted too ;-)
  • TheTotallyAwesomeAppFormerlyKnownAsJavaRebelWhichHadToBeRenamedDueToSome*$&#^$# Lawyers ;-)  — Note: Come on guys, it’s not their fault, they’re just doing their best to protect their IP, which is something I think everyone understands.  If anything, our growing success and public recognition brought this upon us, so we’re not too worried about it.  The key thing to take away from this is: we’re growing fast, lots of new people are talking about JRebel (formerly JavaRebel ;-), and the value of the tool for users is more important than any name we could call it.  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… “, know what I mean?

Moving forward, we’ve got a lot of things to change, not least of all the…

  • Core
    • Release archive
    • javarebel.jar and boot loading
    • SVN hosted dist/web docs (FAQ, Install etc)
    • License generator + internals
    • JR banners
    • Test server container startups
    • Hudson/Matrix integration
    • Email templates
  • Plugins
    • JavaRebelJSFPlugin
    • MavenJavaRebelPlugin
    • IntelliJ Plugin
    • NetbeansPlugin
    • Eclipse
    • aspectj-jr-plugin
    • guice-jr-plugin
    • jboss-jr-plugin
    • jr-integration
    • jr-sdk
    • jr-servlet-integration
    • jr-utils
    • spring-jr-plugin
    • spring-mvc-jr-plugin
    • struts2-jr-plugin
    • tapestry4-jr-plugin
    • velocity-jr-plugin
    • wicket-jr-plugin
    • jr-autotest
    • jr-servlettest
    • jr-autotest-hudsonplugin
    • jr-idea
    • jr-old-idea
  • Infrastructure
    • Current online public docs
      • Website logos
      • Static content
      • Blog
    • Smart URLs vs

… hmm… and the list goes on.

We’re going to update as many of these as possible, as fast as possible, but if we miss something, feel free to let us know (as long as you do this after Sept 16th – give us a week at least, k?).  If you’ve ever posted anything about JavaRebel, and you’re the organized sort of person who likes to keep things in the right place, it would be cool if you could update that too.   “JRebel (formerly JavaRebel)” would be most appropriate.

From now on, you can link directly to or even

For everyone who participated in the renaming – we heartily thank you for your input, and look forward to hearing more from you!  If you’re interested in letting us know what you think about JRebel (the tool, not the name), let us know here.

Responses (4)

  1. kodeninja

    September 10, 2009 @ 11:09 am

    Wow, you guys considered “Continuity”! I’m honored :).

    Thanks for the recognition, David, and good luck with JRebel. An absolutely awesome product. Too bad the JDK doesn’t have this built in…


  2. kodeninja

    September 10, 2009 @ 11:09 am

    Wow, you guys considered “Continuity”! I’m honored :).

    Thanks for the recognition, David, and good luck with JRebel. An absolutely awesome product. Too bad the JDK doesn’t have this built in…


  3. internet roulette

    September 1, 2010 @ 6:34 pm

    Hat jemand eine Idee wie umfassend das verallgemeinerbar ist?

  4. NABH

    May 28, 2011 @ 10:52 am

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