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Automate App Deployments with LiveRebel – Now for Free

Software plays an increasing part in helping us get things done. We not only expect it to satisfy our rapidly changing needs, work 24/7 and perform well, but also evolve and improve in advance of our expectations. These days, the best software teams release products and features faster and more frequently, while striving to raise the bar on quality. But managing consumer demands with the increasing complexity in how software is released and delivered is not easy.

This is where LiveRebel comes in. It supercharges operations teams by enabling them to automate deployments safely, and keep up with agile development teams. With LiveRebel, teams can:

  • Automate repetitive and error-prone app deployments across major app servers, with zero downtime and no session loss. End users won’t feel a thing.
  • Integrate with Continuous Integration (CI) tools to implement Continuous Delivery practices in your organization. LiveRebel can automatically deploy releasable builds to QA, staging or production.
  • Ensure that production environments are never compromised. LiveRebel rolls back any unsuccessful deployments.

Introduce a Dev/Ops Culture

LiveRebel lets operations teams become as agile as their colleagues in development. This all-Java tool was built by developers for operations teams, and users operate it through an attractive GUI via web console. No longer does Ops have to update apps at 3 AM on a Sunday night in order to avoid disrupting the end user experience. They can continuously and confidently push updates during business hours, with all staff on hand, knowing that users won’t be impacted.

Whether you are a visionary startup, or a multinational enterprise, if your business demands that you deliver software quickly and frequently to end users then you should have LiveRebel. 

You can download and use LiveRebel for free, and scale up affordably as you add more servers to your environment.

renew annually $420 per managed server/year
2 managed servers first 2 managed servers free
includes all features offered by the standard version update apps in QA, staging and production with no downtime or session loss
easily upgrade to add more managed servers integrate with continuous integration tools using readily available plugins

Our support team, staffed by the very same engineers that built JRebel, stand by to answer any questions.

LiveRebel enables teams to deliver great software to customers that expect a connected, 24×7 experience. Try it (for free) – your users will thank you!

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    April 24, 2013 @ 3:44 pm

    How long will the free version stay free (you will have a reason to request a annually renewal)?

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