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An Open Letter from Jevgeni Kabanov, Founder of ZeroTurnaround

The last year has been great for ZeroTurnaround. We released JRebel 4.0 and LiveRebel 1.0 to universal acclaim. We grew to a company of 40 people dedicated to building amazing products and keep bringing more value to our users. We won 3 awards in a single year, and hosted GeekOut, the first-ever Java conference in Estonia. We worked hard, we had tons of fun and we stayed very, very geeky.

What’s next? Every year a new set of buzzwords seems to promise salvation for those who embrace them. SOA, OSGi, Cloud, etc. But for most folks they are meaningless, as the architecture and environment have been created ages ago, and now porting apps to a new infrastructure is almost as hard as rewriting them from scratch. We believe that we can offer you an alternative, where tools can be plugged right into your existing infrastructure and eliminate inefficiencies & other problems without creating any new ones. LiveRebel is our first foray in that direction, with others to come down the line.

With all that hard work ahead of us, I’d like to put a piece of news on the table. From the February 9th, 2012, David Booth has left his role as ZeroTurnaround CEO and I have taken over the helm in order to make our vision a reality. I’d like to thank David for his time and hard work. He joined ZeroTurnaround even before we were large enough to be an entity of our own in Estonia. He brought JRebel into the hearts and workplaces of tens of thousands of Java developers, fueled our rapid growth with his passion and worked hard to make our success a reality.

Though David decided to step aside from the leadership role, he will continue assist us in the growth of the company from his position on the Advisory Board. We are grateful for his huge additions to the company, and wish him yet new challenges, and we will look forward to working with him in the future, talking about the good ol’ startup days and having another beer.

Captains come and captains go, but the mission continues.

Best Regards,

Jevgeni Kabanov
Founder & CEO of ZeroTurnaround

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