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Jakarta EE 8 Release Preview

Editor’s note: This article reflects information available as of September 1, 2019. Because of the developing nature of this release, the information in this article will change. Stay tuned for updates!

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What Is Jython?

Jython is a version of the Python programming language that runs on the Java platform. It allows users to write programs in Python and compile them to Java bytecodes that run directly on a Java Virtual Machine, or JVM. It’s similar to other JVM languages like; Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, or Clojur.

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Survey: Microservices in Java Environments

What is Microservices in Java?

Microservices in Java is an architectural style that allows developers to separate an application into smaller services to create, test, and release different features and functionalities individually to save time and improve efficiency. Additionally, teams can work on various microservices simultaneously for faster development.

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What Is Application Performance Monitoring?

Application performance monitoring (APM) is designed to help ensure that an application’s performance meets or exceeds standards. But APMs don’t allow developers to integrate performance testing early enough. This leaves applications vulnerable to customer-facing issues.

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CI CD Pipeline Automation with QRebel and Jenkins

Find and fix app performance issues early in the CI/CD pipeline. Learn how the QRebel Jenkins Plugin can help fully automate performance management.

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JRebel 2019.1.0 brings you Java 12 and more

With JRebel 2019.1.0, we have full support for the just-released Java 12. Discover what else the latest JRebel release has in store.

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JRebel for JDeveloper now eliminates redeploys on remote servers and VMs

JRebel for JDeveloper now eliminates redeploys for Java developers using virtual machines, remote servers, and PaaS.

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What do the experts think about Java in 2019?

2019 promises to be an exciting year in Java, with changes taking effect in licensing models, the emergence of new technologies and more.

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How to ensure quality and performance in your release management

Rogue Wave helps DevOps succeed by improving software quality and security through simplifying development and catching performance issues early.

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How to bring performance management closer to the (development) team

Discover different tools and process options for how to effectively address performance management.

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