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2011 :: The Year of JRebel

Happy New Year! Coming directly from the field of Java development, this article consolidates a collection of technical reviews, how-tos and love letters about JRebel from 2011. 

JRebel + Liferay

“Simply put, [JRebel] is a MUST HAVE for Liferay portlet developers. I’m hooked! Over the past 6 years of portlet development, this product could have saved me COUNTLESS hours of development time waiting for redeploys.”

Neil Griffin’s summer blog post about eliminating redeploys during Liferay portlet development was a great introduction to using JRebel and Liferay together. In November 2011, after having a few months to play around with JRebel, Jan Gregor contributed a post of his own, asking developers to really think about how much time they forfeit each time they redeploy their app. There is now an active JRebel-Liferay integration project due partly to the efforts of Neil and Jan, and we’re happy to say that since Jan’s post, there has been an update: JRebel now supports changes to Liferay JSP Hooks without redeploying (read more).

JRebel + Groovy, Grails and Gradle

“Auto reloading in Grails 1.3.x sucks a lot…but in the meantime I found a better auto reloading solution that works for me in the 1.3.x series…JRebel is a tool that can autoreload classes in a jvm when it detects a .class file has changed.”

No one has said that there is not a secret JRebel-Groovy roadmap located 200 meters below the earth’s surface, but that’s all the information we can give ;-) We’ve been putting some time into looking at how JRebel can add more time-savings to development using tools like Groovy, Grails, Gradle and other G-tools. Coder Aaron Babcock gives a succinct overview of solving his issue with auto-reloading in Grails 1.3 using JRebel, and found solace with a better auto-reloading solution. Chris Mayer at JAXenter introduces “Groovy Fraternity” folks to JRebel in a write-up of our JRebel-Gradle plugin release as well.

JRebel + Glassfish

“I use JRebel to speed up my development. It is a really impressive tool allowing to develop full blended Java EE application as you would develop in PHP.”

Cedric Gatay wrote a short how-to for using JRebel with Glassfish to instantly reload ejb-client and letting others know how to generate rebel.xml for a Maven project. The ZeroTurnaround team really enjoys to see these articles, as it always provides good insight as to how users are implementing JRebel in their own projects. Thanks Cedric!

Using JRebel with web fragments

“Our team recently added JRebel to our toolbox, and we love it. We use Tomcat in our day-to-day development and getting rid of the annoying reboot to see the changes in code and resources was a big relief.” 

In Anna Gos’ blog post, her team implemented JRebel on their new Tomcat project, which uses web fragments, a Servlet 3.0 feature. This post is a short orientation for configuring JRebel in a maven project structure to instantly reload classes both in the main web app as well as the web fragment. Thanks for your great post, Anna, and keep up the good work!

JRebel Rocks, JRebel time-savings [sic]

 “I can only say: “Once you go JRebel you never want to go back without it!”

So says Balder Van Camp, a freelance coder from Brussels who has worked on projects at iText and several anonymous Belgian juggernaut firms. After his intense praise of JRebel while developing a large web application, we later met Balder at Devoxx 2011…nearly as intense as his blog posts would suggest, Balder enjoyed some cold beers with the ZeroTurnaround team. His posts are not technical walk-throughs, but an overview of JRebel’s benefits, including his views on not only the real time lost to continuously redeploying your Java app all day, but the opportunity cost that each interruption has on attention span and returning to the code. Thanks Balder, and good luck!

We send our best wishes for the new year to all JRebel customers, users and free license recipients. If you love the product, and want to see, hear and read more, check out our “Join the Rebellion Tour” page to see where we will be in 2012! (Rest of World locations coming soon!)

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    Cedric Gatay

    January 3, 2012 @ 2:42 pm

    Thanks for the mention !

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    Oliver White

    January 3, 2012 @ 3:02 pm

    You’re welcome – keep up the great work!

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