If you are a student at the University of Tartu or at Tallinn Tech, we may have met already. That is because our founders and other kick-ass engineers have been cultivating new Java superstars at both schools since 2012. After five years of hacking at the Java core, the idea to share our knowledge through a Java Fundamentals course popped up — and we have not looked back since.


That, oh snarky and impatient one, is most certainly not it. If you live in Tartu or Tallinn and can make backflips across the fence that separates the casually sharp from the insanely smart, we have got a goodie bag of support and opportunity that may have your name on it.


We do not do regular internships. Instead, each year we hand-pick 3-5 students for an arrangement that combines studies with paid part-time work. The people that made the cut in the past? They wowed us with their passion for programming, their hard work, brains, and quick learning. Check jf.0t.ee — our Java Fundamentals course materials and home assignments — this is the level we expect. Guess we wowed them, too. Ever been called a nerd, geek, or a dweeb? In our world, that is a definite bonus.

Talk to your friend at ZT, or nudge us at careers@zeroturnaround.com.


A superb and nutritious combo deal. We will sit down with you to find a blockbuster of a thesis topic together. Master’s or PhD mostly. Thesis topics: JVM or Java ecosystem related. There are certain areas of research we are very interested in. If these spark your passion as well, we will provide you with a dedicated mentor, a 2-4-month grant, and a workplace in our rather awesome office. If we are inspired by the the vibe and smartypants pheromones here, it will probably work on you, too. Our most honored colleagues, PhD Jevgeni Kabanov, PhD Pavel Grigorenko and PhD Allan Gregersen are waiting for your applications. Please include your CV, a brief description of your Java experience, and a brief description of your idea — what direction, what specific subjects you are interested in.

Only the bus comes to those who wait. You should not wait. Talk to us.

Mixing studies with meaningful hands-on work at an international startup — we wish we had this option ourselves when we were young pups. Because, seriously, our work/study technique is unbeatable:

  • Flexible schedule, part-time workload.
  • Financial security — bills paid, food on the table, money left over for fun.
  • Develop your programming chops in the real world, with the smartest mentors around.
  • Tap into ZT reports and the worldwide Java community. (Having our products used by developers and ops teams in 80+ countries really opens doors!)
  • Cool office with friendly people who inspire and raise your game.

Welcome to Starfleet Academy, geeky traveler. Let us help you guide your career to a future that is better than the Jetsons. Because you will be the one coding it.