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A Fluent API or not a fluent API? That is the Question!

Fluent API or not?

Nowadays with the variety of programming languages available to you, it’s tough to stick to the coding rules of your favorite choice without looking at what else is available.

I have been a professional Java developer for many years now, but I’m keen to always look at what is being done in the industry by all kinds of actors and I have to admit to something: there is cool stuff out there, in other programming languages. The cool stuff isn’t just the features or syntactic sugar constructs, but it’s also the coding standards that get my attention. In this post I want to talk about fluent APIs.

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Reasons, Tips and Tricks for Better Java Documentation

The image comes from The Big Bang Theory show at CBS:

I am pretty sure that as developers, we are all in love with technical documentation. We love reading docs, writing them, and don’t even start me on talking about maintaining docs: absolutely love it!

In this post, I’m going to list some reasons for maintaining up to date and correct documentation, provide tips on writing better Javadocs and explain how to use various Javadoc tags to the best.

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JavaScript Confessions: 12 JS technologies I’m not ashamed of loving

New technologies fly by like the wind–and yes, sometimes geeks are also philosophical. Continued technology evolutions are common, frequently seeing new technologies come to aid of existing ones. That’s what we call polyglotism. So why look only at Java?

Lately, I’ve been working on a great JavaFX project called SlideshowFX, which allows you to create HTML5 slide decks. Out of necessity, I found myself looking for nice JavaScript APIs to create awesome presentations. In the end, I found some and yes, I like them. Don’t judge me!

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Beyond the commit: 6 developer tools & technologies you should know

Screenshot 2014-06-26 17.43.45

We’re developers, so we love to code right? We’re happy when our code is running…but wait a minute: how are we supposed to ship our code?

I’m pretty sure your end-users won’t agree to start your project inside your favorite IDE, so this means assembling all the bricks to make your product as professional as we can, including coding, managing resources and building the app.

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How to avoid ruining your world with lambdas in Java 8

3 elements of software architecture that developers [should] dream about


Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m that character in Inception changing the cityscape of Paris. But I’m dreaming about software architecture, not buildings–and in my dreams, an application is built on polyglotism with NoSQL and JSON for the data storage, a secure REST API to access my data and having multiple front-ends available for the same app. Is that too much to ask?

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Why I’m so excited about migrating from Swing to JavaFX 2

I’ve been thinking recently about what JavaFX brought to me as developer, and earlier this year I gave a presentation at MarsJUG in Marseille and FinistJUG in Brest on the topic (see the slides above). See, I come from the Java EE world, meaning I do a lot of EJBs, JPA and so on. But also a lot of JSF. Years ago, I also did Swing development, and even managed to enjoy it most of the time. So I have to deal with core/business classes but also with UI and UX.

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