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JRebel 2019.2.0 Release Notes

JRebel 2019.2.0 is now available! It adds support for Java 13, DropWizard, and Thorntail, improves support for Apache Camel, and provides updated support for many frameworks and IDEs.

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Survey: Microservices in Java Environments

More developers are moving from monolith to microservices architecture to support increasingly complex software structures. In Java development, there are various frameworks available for working with microservices, including Spring Boot, DropWizard, Micronaut, and Spark. As a relatively new technique, real-world use of microservices in Java environments remains somewhat a mystery.

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JRebel 2019.1.0 brings you Java 12 and more

With JRebel 2019.1.0, we have full support for the just-released Java 12. Discover what else the latest JRebel release has in store.

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JRebel for JDeveloper now eliminates redeploys on remote servers and VMs

JRebel for JDeveloper now eliminates redeploys for Java developers using virtual machines, remote servers, and PaaS.

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JRebel Accelerates SAP Hybris Development

The newest release of JRebel enables SAP Hybris users to fast-track application development, saving time with each code change.

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License Server 3.5.0 – introducing team leads

We are happy to announce the release of License Server 3.5.0. This is the largest update the License Server has received recently.

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JRebel 7 – new agent, fewer redeploys

Two years have passed since the release of JRebel 6. Throughout this time, two JRebel agents have been available in parallel (JRebel Agent and Legacy Agent). Now that the new JRebel Agent has fully matured, we are making it the default. JRebel’s support for remote servers has also been significantly enhanced. In addition, we have updated integrations with many of the frameworks and application servers to support their latest versions.

When upgrading to JRebel 7 from a previous version, check out our upgrade guide.

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JRebel 6.4.8 focusing on Eclipse remote server configuration

ZeroTurnaround is further improving the ease of use for JRebel’s Eclipse remote server users. The UI for remote server configuration has been redesigned to provide more precise control over projects.

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JRebel 6.4.0 with remote servers and virtual machines

Modern developers make use of virtual machines, cloud platforms and other remote servers to develop their applications.

JRebel eliminates redeploys by making the updated classes and resources available for the JVM and reloading the updated versions. In a local environment, this is achieved by making the JRebel agent in the JVM monitor the IDE workspace directly. With remote servers, direct monitoring is not possible — as the JVM and the IDE run in separate machines.

JRebel 6.4.0 with remote servers and virtual machines download

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JRebel 6.2.5 delivers improvements for Spring and remote server security

Spring framework support improved

This release delivers important improvements to our Spring framework support. Reloading is faster thanks to the improved file system scanning. Also, support for the @Autowired annotation is improved: we now support editing these definitions and adding new dependencies.

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