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New online vJUG born to connect all Java developers far from local meetups

Did you know that inside ZT we have many developers who themselves own or lead JUGs and many more who travel to present at them. JUGs and other physical meetings (e.g. events/conferences, hackathons, BoFs, meetups and hangouts) are truly the greatest form of collaboration, community and content, but if you can’t be there then you lose out big time. If don’t live near an active JUG, or your time schedule is challenging, or you’re lazy, then you really lose out. Even though there are tons of JUGs around the world, there are a million reasons you might not make an in-person meetup:

So what can developers interested in being involved in this awesome global community do if they don’t live near a JUG? This is the issue our Technical Evangelist, Simon Maple, has been having and he’s on a mission to make things easier.

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Using Eclipse for Java development: A helpful introduction to the world’s most-used IDE

People love Eclipse, or love to hate it, or, as non-geek coders, feel more or less indifferent about their IDE. However one thing is true–the majority of Java and Java EE developers use Eclipse. This RebelLabs report starts shallow and goes deep into orbit around the ecosystem of Eclipse, showing you the best things that Eclipse has to offer, and letting you know how to turn off some of those annoying bits (“Why does content assist keep asking me about awt??!?!”). From packaged solutions to plugins and customizations, it’s all in here, from n00b to ninja in 40 pages.

Intro and history Eclipse IDE graph comparison

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Rebelcast Episode 14 – Java EE 7 with Antonio Goncalves (recorded onsite at JavaOne 2013)

ZeroTurnaround Partners with Compuwave to Drive Developer Productivity in Germany

New partnership will deepen Zeroturnaround’s footprint in rapidly expanding German market.

CompuwaveBoston – Oct 1, 2013 – ZeroTurnaround, the company that’s helping software eat the world faster, today announced a new partnership with German technology provider Compuwave. Compuwave will offer ZeroTurnaround’s award-winning JRebel solution to fulfill the growing demand for software development tools that can significantly impact the productivity of development teams.

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ZeroTurnaround Announces 4th Annual Developer Productivity Report

Study Delivers Dev Blueprint for Software Release Quality and Predictability

developer productivity report 2013Boston – Sep 23, 2013 – ZeroTurnaround, the company that’s helping software eat the world faster, announced today the availability of its fourth annual Developer Productivity Report. Unlike previous reports, the 2013 Developer Productivity Report zeros in on software quality and release predictability in development teams. The study analyzes the responses of 1,006 software engineers from across the globe and takes a scientific approach to analyze which Tools/Technologies and industry ‘Best Practices’ are truly the most effective in the field, plus which toolset rock star software development teams have in their arsenal. Here are 5 key findings from the report:

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Developer Productivity Report 2013 – How Engineering Tools & Practices Impact Software Quality & Delivery

For a long time, developers have known that the tools we use and the methodologies we practice have an effect on the quality of our software and our ability to delivery releases predictably. However, this is often a gut feeling based on anecdotal evidence with no numbers to support this theory. Wouldn’t be cool to see actual numbers on how doing Code Quality analysis, Pairing Up and using tools for VCS and Continuous Integration significantly improve our ability to delivery quality software? Then look no further. RebelLabs’ Developer Productivity Report 2013 has arrived–preview all 23 statistical graphics here:

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Rebelcast Episode 13 – Why ZeroTurnaround Loves Jenkins

If you Continuous Integration server, be it Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity or Travis CI, is not a mission-critical element of your engineering infrastructure, it will be soon.

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Become a Better Developer: 3 Ways Writing Will Expand Your Mind, Improve Your Code and Grow Your Career

Managers and team leads should be informed of all the merits that come when your development team spends a few hours each week reflecting and reviewing their work. Developers who take some time out of their work week (if feasible) or allocate some extra hours (if possible) for writing each week or month are doing themselves a great service. Starting slow seems to work best: Write 1 paragraph (or just even a Tweet!) about what challenged or interested you this week. And again next week. Easy.

You can quote me here: I cannot think of a more simple and yet so highly-beneficial way for developers to improve their minds and thought processes, so that their code and daily work improves, resulting in a better network and career prospects as nice little cherry on top.

Why Devs Should Write More Twitter Conversation

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Rebelcast Episode 12 – Configuration Management with Chef

Tom likes to cook, and if that’s not a big enough reason to discuss Chef and configuration management, then I don’t know what is.

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Rebelcast Episode 11 – Software Predictability

How important is predictability in software development? Some might say not much, but in fact it’s one of the few measurable metrics out there that can help us better understand Developer Productivity, which is something we care a lot about over here at ZT.

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