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The Wise Developers’ Guide to Static Code Analysis featuring FindBugs, Checkstyle, PMD, Coverity and SonarQube

Chapter I: Welcome to static code analysis, that thing you aren’t doing

“The quality of your code is a weak spot in almost every software project you’ll ever touch. This is because ongoing development ensures that even the bits you were once proud of become, over time, first less elegant, then rough, and finally incomprehensible.”

Oleg Shelajev, Java Developer/Author

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ZeroTurnaround engineer nearly hospitalized by colleague’s unexpected technology usage

Screenshot 2014-03-31 12.25.29

Oleg Shelajev, a Java developer in Estonia, expressing his confusion discreetly, thereby avoiding an awkward social scene.

Estonian software engineer, Oleg Shelajev, was nearly hospitalized the other day after suffering shock followed by extended period of confusion and unhappiness as a result of unexpected technology usage by his colleague, software engineer Michael Rasmussen.

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Complete this 3-minute Java Tools & Technology survey and we’ll donate cash to charity

For this year’s Java Tools n’ Tech Survey, we were able to do something special this year: for every *completed* survey, we will donate 50 cents (USD) to Child’s Play, a charity that provides entertainment/games to children in hospitals! Sweet deal, right? :-D

The survey is about the JVM based technologies and tools that you use and enjoy. It only takes about 3 minutes–this was verified by other developers. You can find it here:

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Sonatype questions Maven scores in follow-up to Java Build Tools report

Abandon Fish! Migrating from GlassFish to JBoss or TomEE

Chapter I: A little history of GlassFish

“This announcement and Oracle’s ‘optimizations’ is the perfect opportunity for other vendors like TomEE (with commercial support by Tomitribe), Wildfly (supported by Red Hat) or WebSphere Liberty Profile (supported by IBM), to step in.”

Adam Bien, In his Blog

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Disruptive new German conference JavaLand aims to foster a more geeky community


Germany is the largest marketplace in Europe and one of the strongest markets for technology in the world–from a financial perspective, Germany is one of ZeroTurnaround’s best markets for sales and growth. So why don’t we hear about many Java/JVM trade shows in Germany? Except for JAX, which we reviewed here in our Best IT Events 2014 report, we don’t see many events in general–and even few community-based events–in one of the world’s largest markets…

That’s why JavaLand, according to our friend Markus Eisele, content chair of the event, looks very promising, even if the venue is an enormous theme park near Frankfurt. :-D

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House Rebell: A ‘Game of Thrones’ style shirt for early RebelLabs Authors


Head of RebelLabs, Oliver White, regrets the misplaced half-wink shown in this photo, but oh well.

Not sure about you, but I’ve been a huge fan of George [Richie Rich] Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Series… or for the less-intiated, HBO’s Game of Thrones series (which I love despite it’s inaccuracies and gross chronological divergences). Like all fanboys, I’ve read all 5 books twice, and pray that GRRM doesn’t succumb to an early death and leave us stranded in the middle of a chapter with Daenerys swooping down on The Wall on a dragon.

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5 Reasons Why WordPress (and other CMS) would benefit from a JRebel-like feature/plugin


At RebelLabs, we use Wordpress as our content management system (CMS). A lot. Like, every day. And as with any technology you use everyday, it’s the bugs, UX and general shoddiness that gets discussed most loudly—you only begin to see the advantages of your current solution after being forced to use something else that’s worse and older!

After some experience with 2 other content portals out there, which will remain nameless, I realized that Wordpress isn’t so bad, and probably ahead of the curve. But it’s hard for me to constantly deal with blatant feature gaps, and were I more sporting, I might issue a challenge the Wordpress team to improve in specific areas.

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5 Reasons Why Developers Love Writing for RebelLabs

“RebelLabs is one of the few places that promotes opinionated pieces actually backed by arguments (instead of mindless rants). Writing for RebelLabs helps me to comment on emerging technologies in an unbiased way. It allows me to cut to the bone and comment/review/evaluate technologies and practices as they really are.”

Kostis Kapelonis, Software Engineer & RebelLabs Author


Did you know that RebelLabs turned 1 year old today? Yep. Born on January 15, 2013 and conceived months before that–just like a human. Or clone. Or cyborg, I guess.

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Why your organization hates DevOps and won’t implement it this year (again)