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JRebel 6.1.3 Released

Please welcome JRebel 6.1.3. Our newest release is filled with multiple improvements and updates, both within the plugins as well as on the agent side.

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LiveRebel 3.1 release focuses on performance, security & new rollout strategies

It’s an exciting time for the LiveRebel team–we released LiveRebel 3.1 a few days ago and so far nothing has broken! Kidding aside, releasing software is a difficult task, and that why we built LiveRebel: so that any size software shop could afford out-of-the-box continuous delivery with multi-platform deploys, release orchestration, zero downtime rollouts and automated rollbacks.

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5 reasons it’s silly to use awesome provisioning tools like Chef, Puppet and Ansible to release applications

We love the concept of “infrastructure as code” and the tools that go with it. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, CFEngine and others have transformed the way we manage tens, hundreds or even thousands of nodes today. Provisioning tools have really been a great value-add to the world of software, and this widespread adoption of the paradigm illustrates the key strength of those tools: simplicity.

Unfortunately, when we have a tool close at hand that we love, we tend to overuse it for problems it wasn’t really designed to solve. Releasing your applications using Provisioning tools (instead of Release Management tools) is like moisturizing your face with bacon drippings instead of fancy lotion; you might love bacon nectar, but it’s simply not appropriate for use in all situations.

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Developers should stop whining and start owning their application releases

Screenshot 2014-04-10 12.55.12

As developers, we should be shaping the world, not waste time on process issues that automation, provisioning and release management tools can solve easily.

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The Wise Developer’s Production Checklist: 6 Steps to Successful Applications

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 12.05.27 PM

So, you’ve been coding away for months on a big project, and you can’t wait to share what you’ve created with the world. All the functionality is there, your test coverage is great and every demo you’ve shown ends in a complete success with love at first sight….

But wait–what if it totally breaks in production? That would suck, obviously. But what are we as developers supposed to do about what happens in production? Isn’t that the job of the sysadmin or release engineer or whatever that person is called who….well…does all that stuff with apps in production? (Hmmm, what DOES that dude do? Maybe you should figure that out!)

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LiveRebel 3.0 lands: Now release multiple apps simultaneously

Release applications

We’re incredibly relieved to announce an uneventful release of a major upgrade–LiveRebel 3.0 ;-) This release brings a number of enhancements that we’re freakin’ excited to tell you about–which we will do during a live webinar on Jan 30th. For those of you who aren’t familiar with LiveRebel…

LiveRebel is our deployment automation suite that releases Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl applications with zero downtime, complete with your database and configuration changes. If anything goes wrong, the failed rollout is automatically reversed before users can be impacted.

DOWNLOAD & TRY LIVEREBEL 3.0 Sign up for the Jan 30th webinar

Existing customers can easily upgrade using this migration guide to make the transition from previous versions as smooth as possible.

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Pragmatic DevOps: Reproducing Yourself with Vagrant and Chef

Ah, DevOps, the biggest WTF buzzword among the innovators in software development and deployment today. It’s as hot a topic as agile was a decade ago, but just like agile, no one was able to really lock down a good enough definition, or figure out the context in which the definition of Agile actually existed (at first).

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LiveRebel 2.6 Sneak Peek: Release Code, DB & Config Updates In-Sync

State of the art in deployment automation doesn’t look very artsy. Popular tools, like Fabric or Capistrano, just let you execute scripts in a fancy way. But LiveRebel is different: instead of scripts, it talks in terms of applications, servers and the deployment process in general. And with the addition of general file-based deployments in LiveRebel 2.6, applications on any platform can enjoy the domain-driven mindset…

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The Adventurous Developer’s Guide to JVM languages – Groovy

Groovy is not as adventurous as the languages already covered in the series — Xtend, Kotlin and Ceylon — but definitely is a JVM language you should be interested in. It’s become a mature choice that developers trust when Java verbosity hurts and dynamic typing isn’t an issue.

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Use the Force: Attaining Low-Risk Application Configuration Management

So what’s the Problem with Application Configuration Management anyway?

You know how when you are trying to deploy an application to another environment, and then it starts to suck because somehow you end up with the wrong version of the configuration or the configuration values are for a different environment altogether?

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