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Join our Webinar: Automating Multi-Application Releases

Do you release multiple applications that power day-to-day operations and fulfill customer engagement? You’ve come to the right place!

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Early Access to LiveRebel 3.0: Automate Your Multi-App Releases

Enterprises have multiple, inter-connected applications that power day-to-day operations and fulfill customer engagement. As needs constantly evolve, developers, with agile practices, deliver updates even faster, while release and operations teams are tasked to roll them out to users just as quickly.

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LiveRebel Case Study – EMR software house eCareSoft shortens release time by 90 percent

eCareSoft, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, offers hospitals and physicians cloud-based electronic health records software–eCS Nimbo and eCS Cirrus–which combines clinical, revenue cycle, financial management, and business intelligence onto one platform. Its affiliate eCareSoft Mexico, S.A. de C.V. is the largest provider of electronic medical records (EMR) software in Mexico.

Its mission is to provide healthcare executives with information they need to make the right decisions in a timely manner. With patients’ lives and critical operations on the line, 24/7 service uptime is critical.

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JRebel: Simpler Licensing & Greater Flexibility for Our Users

Six Years and Counting

ZeroTurnaround has spent more than 6 years helping Java developers be more productive. Irrespective of who or where they are, or what projects they work on, JRebel has helped more than 35,000 developers eliminate redeploys in Java, so that they can see the impact of their code changes instantaneously. With constant feedback they write better code faster. Peace.

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LiveRebel Featurecast: Adding Applications and Their Versions

In the last feature cast we showed you how to add servers – application, web, database and file – to your LiveRebel installation. You also saw how you can drag and drop servers into groups to create environments. Now that we have servers configured, let’s see how we can add applications to LiveRebel and deploy them to these servers.

LiveRebel can deploy, rollback and manage applications from multiple platforms, namely Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python and PERL. Release artifacts can be added to LiveRebel using the web console, an auto-import directory, CLI or plugins for Jenkins, Hudson and Bamboo. Read more for the details!

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LiveRebel Featurecast: Adding Managed Servers

When automating application releases, we need to deploy our apps onto target environments. LiveRebel needs to know about these servers so that it can manage, monitor, and deploy, update or rollback apps on them. See how you can securely add app, web, database and file servers in minutes, and group them into environments that you can deploy your apps on.

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LiveRebel Featurecast: Getting Started with LiveRebel

Looking to automate your application deployments safely with no downtime? We’ll quickly go over how you can download LiveRebel for application release automation, and show you how to install it. We’ll also show you the lay of the land – the installation process, the LiveRebel directory structure and lastly, the command line interface and how to use it. All in about 7 minutes.

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Release Management for Enterprises

A DevOps Vision with GitHub, Artifactory, Bamboo, Arquillian, Selenium and LiveRebel

Release Management for Enterprises with GitHub, Artifactory, Arquillian, Bamboo, Selenium, LiveRebel

“Mastering Release Management using tools like GitHub, Artifactory, Bamboo, Selenium, Arquillian and LiveRebel ensure an automated deployment pipeline that can bring your organization into the mental area of DevOps and on the road to seamless Continuous Delivery.”

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Why IT Needs to Automate Application Release Processes

The New Normal

Today’s software users have rapidly evolving needs, are mobile, and expect 24/7 connectivity and reliability. So IT teams need to keep up with market needs all while providing reliable service. Fail to do so, and users switch to competitors or other alternatives. It does sound like a tall order, because with change, comes instability. The more frequently IT teams push of software updates the more likely they are to break something. Maintenance windows are no fun either! All this results in disrupted users and lost revenue.

Our predicament: how can we release software updates safely and frequently, without impacting user experience?

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New Jenkins-LiveRebel Plugin Safely Deploys Apps with No Downtime

Automatically deploy your apps straight from Jenkins with zero downtime for your users

Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins and LiveRebel

Releasing apps through QA, production and to your users can be repetitive, but it takes care and finesse. Often, this means running scripts to provision and configure servers, deploy artifacts, copy files over, update databases, and run tests in a specific order. Make a mistake, and your app and users are dead in the water. No fun!

Use the LiveRebel plugin for Jenkins or automatically deploy apps – code, database and configuration changes – straight from Jenkins with zero downtime. Failed deployments are fully reversed. Your users won’t feel a thing.

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