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Introduction: Comparison of MVC Frameworks for Java

In this latest report from Rebel Labs, we match up Spring MVC, Grails, Vaadin, GWT, Wicket, Play, Struts and JSF in a comparison of the top 8 most used Java Web Frameworks in the industry today. We wanted to know more about simple Market Share % and latest versions. After all, wouldn’t you want to know about the following abilities/features of a framework you’re testing?

1. Rapid application prototyping
2. Framework Complexity
3. Ease of Use
4. Documentation & Community
5. Framework Ecosystem
6. Throughput/Scalability
7. Code Maintenance/Updates
8. UX, Look and feel

Will the big guys like Spring MVC, JSF and Struts dominate the show? Or are smaller players like Vaadin, Grails and GWT going to finally trump their predecessors? Either way, you’ll be left with a pragmatic guidebook to gauging whether certain frameworks will be right for your next project. Stay tuned for a Part II report, which compares the same frameworks against different use case, application types and user profiles. Follow it all @RebelLabs on Twitter.

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The Curious Coder’s Guide to Java Web Frameworks: Grails

This is the second post in our review of Java web frameworks. Today’s hero is Grails, a web framework by Pivotal, who is also responsible for Spring Framework and a bunch of other valuable technologies. Grails accounts for 7% of all Java Developers according to our Developer Productivity report.


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