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Java & JVM Conquer the World

In this report we take a look at the top 10 reasons Java is the choice for so many development teams, all around the world, and why you should consider it for your next project. One of the main qualities Java possesses since the early design days is its simplicity. In that spirit we laid out in plain simple terms why Java outperforms other languages when it comes to popularity, performance, its amazing ecosystem and community.

For the less technical, this report explains the value Java brings to your projects. For fellow developers, we included some other projects in the Java ecosystem that you might want to look at. Check them out, have a play with them. It will make you a better developer.

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How to better understand Vaadin framework sessions using XRebel

Vaadin allows you to easily build interactive web applications by working with a familiar server-side architecture. The rich component model is usually driven by session state that is preserved for each instance of a Vaadin application. Each user and browser window will create such a new instance, which can make the size of your server-side sessions grow very quickly if you refer to too much data from your UI or accidentally create a memory leak.

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Detecting JSF Session Bloat Early with XRebel

The development of complex interactive web applications inherently requires you to store state in one location or another (on the server, on the client, in a database, …). Using JSF, the web session preserves the state of the container managed beans by taking your scope rules into account. Since this is conveniently tied to regular Java classes and their fields, it’s very easy to accidentally grow the session without really realizing just how large the memory footprint has become.

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10 Reasons Why Java Rocks More Than Ever: Part 10 – Maturity With Innovation


We’ve reached the end of this series. It’s been an interesting ride for me since even though I wrote down the ten reasons many months ago, each blog post made me discover interesting additional implications. Some that I never pondered on before and wasn’t really aware of until I sat down to write about it.

What are your thoughts on this series? Did I miss an important reason? Did I get something wrong? Is one of those reasons actually not great at all? Please reach out, even if it’s just to be the devil’s advocate. We’re planning to mold these blog posts into a report and contrasting views will make this into a much more interesting read. This is an ideal opportunity to be part of our unique RebelLabs reports and maybe even become a regular contributor!

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10 Reasons Why Java Rocks More Than Ever: Part 9 – Backwards Compatibility


The original premise of this blog post was to just talk about backwards compatibility, but it will actually fan out to forwards and sideways (is that a real term?) compatibility also. Interestingly, Java excels for all of these.

Before we start, here are my top 10 favorite things about the Java platform again…

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10 Reasons Why Java Rocks More Than Ever: Part 8 – Profiling Tools


We all know that writing code is the easiest part of application development. Tracking down problems, and especially those related to performance and concurrency, is what’s tricky. While I was always aware that the Java Virtual Machine provided great forensics tools, it was only when I worked with Python and C++ for three years that I was confronted with the sad reality outside of Java land. That reality is best summarized as: “You’re on your own dude, good luck!”

Since there’s really not much to compare the Java profiling tools to, in this blog post I’ll summarize a few observations about performance testing and why Java makes this as easy as it can get.

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10 Reasons Why Java Rocks More Than Ever: Part 7 – Intelligent IDEs


This blog entry in the series is going to be quite short, since there’s really not that much to say besides a statement of fact: Java IDEs are the most advanced in the world!

As a reminder here are my top 10 favorite things about the Java platform again:

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10 Reasons Why Java Rocks More Than Ever: Part 6 – Bytecode

10 Reasons Why Java Rocks More Than Ever: Part 5 – High-Performance JVM


What rocks about the Java virtual machine (JVM)?

That’s an easy one, isn’t it? Most people will tell you that the differentiator of Java is its cross-platform nature. Java offers write-once-run-anywhere, which is provided by the virtual machine. That’s not very unique though, a lot of languages and platforms have adopted virtual machines and Java wasn’t even the first. Smalltalk relied on a virtual machine a decade before Java was even invented!

So, what rocks about the Java virtual machine? In short, by now it’s the virtual machine. The JVM is the most complete of any application VM out there: it’s cross-platform, open-source, crazy fast, verifies the bytecode for safety, hosts both statically and dynamically typed languages, provides automatic memory management and it’s tunable at runtime.

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Devoxx Hackfest In-Action Attracts Developers

The Raspberry PI and Leap Motion hands-on labs at Devoxx 2013 started with a packed room, we even had to fetch additional chairs for people standing in the back. Vinicius and Yara senger explained their super useful embedded devices panel where many sensors and boards can be accessed through easy REST URLs.


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