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Reloading Java Classes 201: How do ClassLoader leaks happen?

JRebel 2.1.1 Released

We’re glad to announce the JRebel 2.1.1 release. It is a maintenance release incorporating all the bugfixes that have accumulated during the past month or so. It also includes the new Log4J plugin, support for Jetty 7 and GlassFish v3 Preview (apparently Prelude and Preview differ a lot, go figure).

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Reloading Java Classes 101: Objects, Classes and ClassLoaders

Welcome to Turnaround article series from ZeroTurnaround.

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The Build Tool Report: Turnaround Times using Ant, Maven, Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans

Some time ago we ran a survey asking a few questions about the build process, specifically the tools that are used to do incremental builds and how much time those builds take. We had over 600 responses, so now it’s time to count the results.

This is the first time that we’ve published results on the incremental build process, so the information is more likely to serve as a guide than an authoritative information source. That being said, the information is still quite interesting, and if it serves to start a conversation that improves the process of even one team, then we’re proud to have helped out. If you haven’t answered the 3-question survey yet, take two minutes and go for it – and do let your community know about it – as more answers trickle in we’ll update this post with the new data. If you’d like to play with the results on your own we‘ve provided all the data and our calculations in a handy Excel sheet that you can download here.

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Announcing JRebel 3.0 M1 — The Next Generation

While finishing the polish on the 2.1 release we were also preparing for you a glance at what’s to come in the longer term. Without further ado, allow us to introduce the JRebel 3.0 M1 release features:

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JRebel 2.1 Released – Strolling with Struts

We are proud to present JRebel 2.1, the “Struts” edition. The main features of this release are the reworked Struts 2.x plugin and the brand new Struts 1.x plugin that reload changes to Struts action mappings on-the-fly both from XML and Java 5 annotations. Developing Struts applications with JRebel is now easier than ever, as no restarts are necessary anymore.

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Survey Results: The Java EE Container Redeploy & Restart Report – measuring Turnaround Time

A couple of months ago we ran a survey asking a few questions about Java EE development, containers and redeploy times. Now that over 1100 people have responded it’s time to update the results. Since we’ve had more time to analyze them we also hope to provide a few insights into the data including a more detailed container breakdown.

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JavaRebel 2.0.3 Released

JavaRebel 2.0.3 release is a maintenance release incorporating all the bugfixes that have accumulated during the past two months. It also updates the bundled plugins to the latest versions.

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JavaRebel 2.0.2b or ‘no plan survives contact with the enemy’

When we released 2.0.2 we had put it through every test suite in our arsenal to ensure that it would thrive and grow up strong (especially after a month of testing in the nightly builds). As the gods would have it, reports started coming in that not everything was as blissful as we like it with the Spring plugin, so we quickly fixed it up and released 2.0.2a. Now, a week later, we’ve released a followup release — 2.0.2b.

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DNArebel — Improve Yourself, Today

We at ZeroTurnaround believe that all bugs must be corrected as soon as possible. However often it just doesn’t seem possible to do that immediately (if ever). Usually in such cases the bugs are not so much in the code of the program as in the DNA of the engineer.

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