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Java EE Productivity Report 2011

JRebel 3.5 — Open Source Galore

The last few months were very busy here at ZeroTurnaround HQ in the cold and gloomy Estonia. We wanted to deliver something awesome to our users, before we fully switch to working on the larger things planned for the 4.0. To that effect we decided to address some of the long standing requests as well as make some improvements to deliver better on our promise of “All changes reloaded, instantly!”. Whereas the previous major release focused mainly on the Java EE standards, this time we put our attention to supporting various Open Source frameworks and tools.

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The 2011 Turnaround, Container and Tools Pre-Report Snapshot

Last year, we published a report on turnaround time, tools and application containers in the Java ecosystem. Over 1300 Java developers ending up sharing info about their development environment, and over 40,000 people found these results helpful.

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JRebel 3.1.2 released

JRebel 3.1.2 incorporates improved support for OSGi (all containers), JBoss 6 and Freemarker as well as a host of fixes. See the full change log or download right away.

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"Copy-on-Iterate" Java Idiom considered broken

This is a story of an interesting support request handled by our guru Lauri Tulmin. The inquiry was about a rare occurring ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that JRebel seemed to cause in Wicket. After some investigation he discovered that the root exception was thrown from the following Wicket code:

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JRebel 3.1.1 "Oogle" Released

This minor release includes a score of improvements across the board. Among the most important is that the Google App Engine support is now out of the beta and Google Web Toolkit support has been substantially improved, and the only reason we still keep it in beta is because we don’t have a full automated test harness for it yet. We have also tested JRebel with Tomcat 7 and Jetty 7.1 and can now declare them officially supported. Beta support for serializing added fields has been added, but is still disabled by default. Please add -Drebel.serialization=true and let us know how it works for you. Also we worked some of our magic with AspectJ and Groovy, so those of you who had issues should definitely upgrade to this version. See full changelog for details, or grab the download!

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JRebel 3.1 — ORM Goodness

With the support for all Java EE standards this release of JRebel will help you reach a new level of productivity. Whatever change you make to your code, whether it’s a class, resource, configuration or a component, you can immediately see it in your application, with no need to build or redeploy. Although we’re still waiting on usage stats to confirm it, we estimate that JRebel 3.1 will eliminate up to 95% of builds/redeploys that you have to do without it on a common Java EE project.

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JRebel 3.0.1 Released

The first update to the 3.x line includes better handling of JDK proxies, support for Spring dm Server 2.x, advanced scriptlet support for WebSphere and Resin and more. Remember that the advanced scriptlet support is only available with the Enterprise Add-On, which is a free upgrade for all current users –- as long as you upgrade before June 1st.

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JRebel 3.0 Released!

This is exciting — Today is the day that we get to announce the culmination of 8 months of development effort, fine-tuning, bug fixing, and, awesome awesome awesome feature-adding (don’t just take our word for it, check out the buzz on Twitter). Today we announce the release of JRebel 3.0!

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