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JRebel 5.0 – Now Fighting Redeploys Locally and Remotely

Live from the Geekout conference in Tallinn, Estonia it is our immense pleasure to announce the release of JRebel 5.0. We bring to your attention the following key features among numerous fixes and improvements:

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Hack Yourself to Prevent Procrastination & Information Overload


Did you know that more than 1/2 of the people sitting in the room with you blame lack of focus and multi-tasking as the #1 reason they are not getting their work done?

In a recent report on Developer Productivity that had over 1800 total surveyed, we found that 53% of respondents listed “Too Much Multi-tasking” as the main reason for anti-productivity. (btw, this report includes 30 pages of stats, analysis and interviews. Check it out!)

It was while considering this fact that I came across an article about focus and distractions that filtered to me through the lazyweb, so I decided to write about my own experiences in that area.

I have a confession: For some time, culminating in the last year, I have had issues with information-addiction and lack of focus.

I would spend way too much time answering emails, checking Twitter, going through the website/product stats and getting distracted in a thousand other ways. I was behind with the things that matter and I didn’t have any time to think deeply, instead of reacting immediately to issues as they arose.

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LiveRebel 2.0.7 is out, features new look and feel

It’s been a crazy three months for us since the LiveRebel 2.0 release and we might not have been as diligent with the release announces as we could be. Since we are big proponents of Continuous Delivery we also apply it to our own products and so we kept cranking out fixes and new features every 1.7 weeks or so. But now is a good moment to look back and reflect.

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LiveRebel 2.0 – Down for maintenance? Never again.

Remember those “Down for Maintenance” signs? Seeing that on any site means something’s not going right. Behind every ‘Down for Maintenance’ sign is frustrated operations staff, sleep-deprived developers, and angry managers letting everyone know how much money the company is losing with every minute of downtime. It is an awful experience for everyone involved.

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An Open Letter from Jevgeni Kabanov, Founder of ZeroTurnaround

The last year has been great for ZeroTurnaround. We released JRebel 4.0 and LiveRebel 1.0 to universal acclaim. We grew to a company of 40 people dedicated to building amazing products and keep bringing more value to our users. We won 3 awards in a single year, and hosted GeekOut, the first-ever Java conference in Estonia. We worked hard, we had tons of fun and we stayed very, very geeky.

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Gathering Intel on Developer Productivity

When we did our last productivity survey, some critics voiced concerns that although we did reveal some interesting stats on Java development productivity (i.e. tools used,  % of total coding time forfeited to redeploys, etc), we only touched a very narrow slice of their day-to-day life. What do we really know about how developers spend their work week? So this time around, we made an all-out effort to put together a survey that will be useful to the not only the Java community, but all kinds of coders, team leads, project managers and CxOs all around the world. Some of the questions that we hope to answer are:
  • What do developers spend their days doing?
  • How efficient are those days?
  • What keep them up at night?
  • How do processes, tools and technologies help or hinder them?
This is an ambitious undertaking, especially because we wanted to keep all of this under 5 minutes. The resulting 20-question survey has only 5 Java-specific questions, so feel free to forward it to all your developer friends. Our Ultimate Goal: To gain a better collective insight into the biggest productivity challenges that developers face today, as well into some of the tools and practices that keep us sane. Seems pretty simple, right? So, without further ado — jump right in! Thanks!

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We are hiring: CFO, Sales, Marketing & Engineering in Estonia, Prague and Boston

We just opened a Boston office for sales, we are looking for a CFO and engineers in Estonia, marketing is expanding in Prague and we’ll find a place for you in our hearts and minds if you’re are awesome enough :) Check out the Jobs 2.0 page for more.

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LiveRebel 1.1 Available For Your Continuous Pleasure

Live from the JavaOne 2011 conference we are happy to announce the first major update to our production update management tool, LiveRebel.

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Celebrate the Programmer’s Day with ZeroTurnaround

We are very passionate about our work and our trade. So as the 0x100th day was nearing, we decided to celebrate it with a special challenge to all you developers out there! (and especially Java developers). And if you can solve then you would automatically pass through the first round of interviews at ZeroTurnaround :)

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Updating Java EE in Production: A Report in Three Acts Including a Foreword and an Afterword

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