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Developer Productivity Report 2013 – How Engineering Tools & Practices Impact Software Quality & Delivery

For a long time, developers have known that the tools we use and the methodologies we practice have an effect on the quality of our software and our ability to delivery releases predictably. However, this is often a gut feeling based on anecdotal evidence with no numbers to support this theory. Wouldn’t be cool to see actual numbers on how doing Code Quality analysis, Pairing Up and using tools for VCS and Continuous Integration significantly improve our ability to delivery quality software? Then look no further. RebelLabs’ Developer Productivity Report 2013 has arrived–preview all 23 statistical graphics here:

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LiveRebel Featurecast: Adding Managed Servers

When automating application releases, we need to deploy our apps onto target environments. LiveRebel needs to know about these servers so that it can manage, monitor, and deploy, update or rollback apps on them. See how you can securely add app, web, database and file servers in minutes, and group them into environments that you can deploy your apps on.

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Early survey results: Reducing technical debt not a priority for 60% of development teams

developer productivity report 2013 technical debt

Those teams that replied ‘Often’ or ‘All the time’ to this question are just barely breaching the 40% level. However, ‘Sometimes’ is the largest single group at 47%–although like quality assurance, solving technical debt isn’t a one-time thing, it’s a constant exercise that needs to be incorporated in every release. Like people who only exercise or work out “sometimes”, the greatest benefits are witnessed by those who do it very frequently. In this group, 12% of teams either rarely or never work on reducing technical debt. So, we can see that 6 out of 10 teams consider technical debt a non-priority. That is, until the sky starts falling ;-)

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LiveRebel Featurecast: Getting Started with LiveRebel

Looking to automate your application deployments safely with no downtime? We’ll quickly go over how you can download LiveRebel for application release automation, and show you how to install it. We’ll also show you the lay of the land – the installation process, the LiveRebel directory structure and lastly, the command line interface and how to use it. All in about 7 minutes.

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You’re SO Predictable: Early Results of Developer Productivity Report 2013

Time to speak out against Development injustice!

As you know, we’re in the process building up the data stores for our next Developer Productivity Report, focusing on tools, technologies and management practices that affect developers working in teams. We’ve launched this this 1-page, 5-minute (verified by devs!) survey hosted here:

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Lose 100 Deals: The First Year Plan of an Enterprise Startup

Today is ZeroTurnaround’s 6th anniversary and it was on August 7, 2007 that we released JRebel 1.0 M1 (then JavaRebel). In the spirit of nostalgia and looking back through the years, I was considering what advice I would give to another Enterprise startup. And here is what I settled on:

Lose 100 deals in your first year.

WTF? Am I crazy? I just proposed that during the first year a new startup selling to enterprises should hope for nothing more than to lose 100 deals. That’s the reverse of the ultimate goal of any company–making money!

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RebelLabs is doing a 5-min survey on Software Engineering Productivity, Tools & Practices

“Last year, over 1800 developers around the world responded to our previous report. I’m considering to donate a body part if we could do that again this year.” -Oliver White, Head of RebelLabs and Amateur Vine Videographer

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Bridging the DevOps gap with Tools & Culture

A common misconception is that DevOps is about tooling. The culture of communication and trust is crucial to success and no tools can replace that. That said, tools can help facilitate the change in culture, if it forces or suggests actions that help establish trust, communication and best practices. This is what we set out to do with LiveRebel and many customers now enjoy not just improved tooling, but also progress culturally, towards greater and more effective collaboration.

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LiveRebel 2.7 – Featuring Staged Releases and .NET Support

Releasing web apps is hard! Failures are not uncommon and recovery is tedious. That’s why LiveRebel 2.7 now brings bulletproof releases to all platforms, including Java, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby and Perl….

13 5-58 PM

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GeekOut 2013: Coders unleash their inner geek for a 3rd year

Where do you start if you want to make the geekiest JVM technology conference in the world? It’s not easy. Being geeky is about passion, about learning and about fun. So you best bring those values to the table.

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