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XRebel Redesigned to Scientifically Make You Smarter

It’s common knowledge that learning is multi-sensory. However, in a study we made up, we found that 71% of developers are sensory-deficient. In the lab, we found that by exposing users to a sensory bath, we force open the vaccuuminal cones in the neurons, essentially massaging the sensory receptors in the brain to allow more data intake. Neurons can scientifically absorb 147% more information than sensory-deprived neurons. Now, that’s something.

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XRebel 3.1.4 Comes with Couchbase Integration!

We believe Couchbase is one of the most popular and widely adopted NoSQL data storages.

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The Developer’s Guide to Java Performance Tuning

Good developers care about performance. However, even the best developers don’t realize that performance tools are not a one-size-fits-all type deal, rather they’re components in a suit of armor. You see, a suit of armor has many pieces – a breastplate, a helmet, gauntlets, etc. – all of which are designed specifically for different parts of the body. We’ll be defining 4 major types of performance tools and which areas of the (figurative) body they’re designed for, and finally, honing in on the solution best suited for development.

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4 JPA Best Practices for Better Application Performance

You know how when you say a word too many times, it loses its meaning?
Performance. Performance. Perfromance. Perfroamnce. Prefroanmce. Prefornacme. Hold the door!

Sometimes that happens with “performance,” especially when there are so many points of failure which are out of your control. But one thing you can control as a developer, is how your code uses the database.

This post gives you a slideshare for 4 JPA best practices for better application performance.

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