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JRebel 5.2.2 released: VRaptor, Spring support improvements & numerous fixes

Happy Monday! We’re happy to release JRebel 5.2.2, a minor version upgrade that offers a number of improvements and fixes for a variety of frameworks. Here’s the rundown…

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RebelLabs interview: Red Hat’s Gavin King on Ceylon

The Ceylon Project is an up-and-coming programming language for the JVM, created by Red Hat. Ceylon is currently in active development and just recently reached its 5th milestone. We previously introduced Ceylon by using a simple HTTP server as an example application.

Red Hat’s Ceylon features improved type system, reified generics, modules, and many more interesting facilities. Under development by Gavin King, Ceylon is intended to improve on top of Java success while correcting some of Java failures. We had an honor to interview Gavin on the prospects of the upcoming Java 8 release, Ceylon, and JVM languages in general.

In the Adventurous Guide to JVM Languages report, along with the introduction to Ceylon, you can find the overview about other JVM languages like Kotlin, Xtend, Fantom with the quotes by the authors.

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Apache Camel with JRebel: Instantly visible changes to routes and config definitions

Some years ago I was working in the field of financial data integration for a famous bank in the Baltics. Writing the connectors/adapters/handles for all kind of sources and data formats might be quite time consuming, while only a tiny bit of the work is dedicated to the business logic, e.g. “multiply two numbers and log the result”. Apache Camel was the tool I used in multiple projects and it helped me a lot by providing out of the box components for data integration. One little issue that bothered me, however, was the turnaround time needed when I just wanted to make little changes and see what will happen in the application’s behavior. Well, we spent some time polishing it for JRebel 5.2 and guess what: now it’s possible to reconfigure Camel routes automatically without the need to restart the application after the changes.

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JRebel 5.2 Released – Updates for Apache Camel, Spring Framework, JDeveloper & IDE plugins

Ah, release day. Always an awesome day. Even though the real milestones have been passed, this is the first day that we’re announcing JRebel 5.2 to the public. Woot! Between JRebel 5.1 and 5.2, we delivered 3 minor releases (5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.3), spending a lot of time on improving existing functionality rather than adding completely new features; however, we still have some new stuff for you, here is the list real fast…

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Java 8: The First Taste of Lambdas

UPDATE: Since releasing this post, we’ve published a full RebelLabs report entitled Java 8 Revealed: Lambdas, Default Methods and Bulk Data Operations. Click on the button below to get the full report!

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Webinar recording: using JRebel with IntelliJ IDEA

The previously recorded webinar provides a brief introduction to what JRebel is, followed by the product demonstration. In this video you will learn how to install and configure JRebel plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, and how to apply JRebel for different types of projects.

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JRebel 5.1.3 released, numerous plugins updated

A new version of JRebel is released and a number of its plugins have been updated to keep up with the new versions of the frameworks.

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The Adventurous Developer’s Guide to JVM languages – Ceylon

Last week Simon challenged me with his own implementation of HTTP server in Kotlin. Challenge accepted! So I picked Ceylon, the programming language developed by Red Hat and tried to implement the same. Ceylon is fairly new programming language and haven’t reached its final 1.0 version yet.

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January 24th Webinar: Using JRebel with IntelliJ IDEA

Save the date! January 24th, 11AM EDT / 5PM CET. Join us for a JRebel w/ IntelliJ IDEA webinar!

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JRebel 5.1.2 released, Apache Camel now supported

Just before the New Year, we have an update for our JRebel users. Just released, JRebel 5.1.2 with a number of improvements is available for download.

To give you some brief highlights:

  • Apache Camel routes reloading
  • Improved support for EJBs on JBoss 7
  • Updated JRebel for Eclipse plugin
  • Updated JRebel for IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • Updated JRebel for NetBeans plugin

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