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XRebel 1.1.2 Released – Resin, WebSphere Liberty Profile and OrientDB support

Try JRebel 6 beta: Adding new instance fields without restarting

Try JRebel 6 beta: Now without restarts when making hierarchy changes to superclasses

Try JRebel 6 beta: Now change implemented interfaces without any restarts


Hey folks, before we begin we’re happy announce that our JRebel 6 beta program continues at a great pace and we’re getting some excellent feedback from a lot of early adopters. Want to be one? Simply download the latest version of JRebel and then follow the instructions here for enabling JRebel 6 beta functionality (like changing Superclasses or implemented interfaces without restarting)!

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JRebel 5.6.1 Released – Spring Beans, Jenkins, EJBs in JBoss and more

JRebel 5.6.1 is released and available for download! The new update comes with numerous improvements and bug fixes.

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JRebel 5.5.4 Released – WildFly 8.1, Axis2, PrettyFaces and more!

JRebel 5.5.3 Released – Framework updates and bug fixes

Here comes the new release of JRebel! 5.5.3 comes with quite a few improvements, updates and bug fixes – big thanks to our users for reporting the problems!

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GeekOut 2014 announced: ZeroTurnaround hosts Java gurus in Estonia

JRebel 5.5.2 Released – JBoss 6.2 EAP, Ebean and a nice addition to NetBeans IDE plugin

JRebel 5.5.2 is released and available for download! The new version is made compatible with JBoss 6.2 EAP application server and it also features a few nice additions to the list of supported frameworks: Ebean and Stripes-Guice library.

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JRebel 5.5.1 Released – WildFly, Tomcat, Mojarra and more!

A brand new minor release of JRebel is available for download! The new version comes with improved stability for WildFly 8 integration. We also updated the integrations to support Tomcat 8.0.1 and Mojarra 2.2.

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