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JavaOne is back at Moscone. Me gusta!

JavaOne is the major conference on the Java technologies scene, held annually in San Francisco. The first time I attended JavaOne was in 2007 and it was huge! The event was located in Moscone Center and thousands of people came to learn about the latest and greatest updates in Java.

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TestContainers: Making Java Integration Tests Easy

In this post I want to share a word about an awesome library for integration testing in Java — TestContainers. We’ll provide a little background on why integration testing is so important at ZeroTurnaround and our requirements for integration tests. You will learn how TestContainers helps us at ZeroTurnaround with our own integration testing. You’ll also find a fully-functional example of an integrated test for a Java agent.

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Webinar recording: Reactive Spring

The recording of our April 18 webinar, Reactive Spring, is now available!

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(MVN) Maven Options Cheat Sheet

What is Maven?

According to the docs, Maven, or MVN, is a “software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project’s build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.” However, most normal people refer to it as a build tool. Its job is to build the project, convert the source code into a binary artifact, package the resources into it, and if needed automatically download and use necessary dependencies.

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RxJava for Easy Concurrency and Backpressure

RxJava is growing in popularity in Android application development. However, it is also very capable for server-side apps. RxJava makes concurrency easier even though a seasoned Java developer would have to re-learn the concepts to become comfortable with the new idioms.

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XRebel 3.1 Released: Featuring Eclipse plugin.

For better user convenience, XRebel is now available as an Eclipse plugin. You can install the plugin via the Eclipse Marketplace client. The XRebel agent will then be enabled for the configured WTP servers in your workspace.

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Preparing a Docker Compose Environment

I’m the product owner of XRebel — the profiler for Java web applications that developers can use while they’re actually developing their applications. Recently I had to prepare a demo environment that I could easily share with my team mates. If the demo would have consisted of just a web app, without external dependencies, it would have been easy to share with the team: I’d just throw a WAR up on Dropbox and everybody would be free to do whatever they wanted to do with it. However in my scenario, I had an external dependency on MongoDB which made my demo a little less portable.

Naturally, I thought that Docker might be a good solution for this. The prerequisite though, is that my team members would have to install the Docker Toolbox in order to use the environment. But this is a wise thing to do anyway, isn’t it? Docker is an established container management system, with tons of resources available to learn the basics. We even recently published a Docker commands and best practices cheat sheet from which you can learn everything you need to navigate your way around Docker containers.

Let me sketch this out for you. The application is Petclinic – a web application, with a UI, that uses an embedded H2 database. In some scenarios, Petclinic talks to the Supplements application over HTTP. Supplements uses MongoDB to fetch data as JSON back to the Petclinic app, if requested.

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XRebel 3.0.1 Released: asynchronous HTTP client support, improvements for MongoDB and DataStax drivers

A few weeks ago we released XRebel 3.0 and now 3.0.1 comes with a few improvements for database drivers and HTTP client.

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XRebel 3.0: introducing microservices profiling

Great news everyone! Today we are announcing the release of XRebel 3.0!

3.0 is here and it is a great new milestone for XRebel. The new version features something very exciting: end-to-end transaction profiling. You can now profile distributed Java applications and microservices with XRebel Agents!

Download XRebel 3.0

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Profiling RESTful Services with XRebel


Application developers can test applications that have RESTful endpoints and see the performance metrics using XRebel, the performance tool for Java development.

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