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Development in the Cloud…. Really!

cloud-quoteAlmost three years ago, ZeroTurnaround launched support for development in the cloud. We called the feature “remoting” because it allows the JRebel plug-in to be installed on a JVM that can be anywhere, including in the cloud.

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The 5 Inconvenient Truths Indicating The Market Still Isn’t Ready For Release Automation

Why your Mom should care about software productivity tools

Odds are that your mom (and/or your dad) has started using Facebook, streaming TV shows on Netflix and ordering all manner of things with Amazon Prime with 2-day free shipping. And Google, well that’s a household name.

These sites are all fantastic, high-performance websites with a broad range of functionality.  Their engineering and product teams regularly develop new products, features and services and roll them out at massive scale with apparent ease.  The result is that your mom has facebook-amazon-netflix-google (recently dubbed “FANGs” by CNBC’s Jim Cramer) expectations from every web site or application that they use, from their banks to their health insurance providers, with potentially dire consequences for e-commerce sites everywhere. So where are your FANGs?

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ZeroTurnaround Acquires Javeleon, Denmark loses Top Developers to Estonia

It’s big news for the ZeroTurnaround team today–our first acquisition! We are very happy to announce that ZeroTurnaround has acquired Javeleon and it’s intellectual property. The best part is that the two founders of Javeleon, Allan Gregersen and Michael Rasmussen, have even relocated to Estonia to join forces with the teams that bring you JRebel and LiveRebel, continuing to drive the best productivity tools in the market.

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When Acquiring That Big Customer Could Ruin Your Business (what the CAC?)

Many start-up businesses feel the gravitational pull of these big enterprise deals at their most formative moments, and I’m going to tell you to run the opposite direction … if you dare. What it all boils down to is customer acquisition cost, or CAC, for short. And, in this case, you don’t want a big CAC…

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The Early Shift: Getting Your Feet on the Ground Before Your Brain Can Stop You

Friendly note: If you are not hitting the New Year with the hope/goal/resolution to get back to the gym, then don’t read this… If you view the idea of fitness with scorn, then you will hate it. On the other hand, if you’re curious and like to hear about fitness programs that work for other people, then read on. This works for me, and my hope is that maybe an idea or two might be good for you too.

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The Deal: How entepreneurs (and their families) survive the start up life

Back in the early 1990’s, I was attending a “10-250” start-up presentation (named after the number of the lecture hall under the MIT dome), and the speaker made the point that a large percentage of entrepreneurs end up divorced. I have no idea what the rest of the presentation was about, but I came away with the idea that starting a company was hazardous to my marriage.

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Well-placed Fruit and the Zen of Finding Your Product-Market Match

I’m a bit of a workout enthusiast, and, at the suggestion of one of our salespeople here at ZeroTurnaround, I am trying out this new “upscale” gym in Boston. This morning, I was leaving the gym and feeling healthy, and there was a guy at the exit handing out free plums. He told me that they were locally-grown plums from Lancaster, MA, then told me that he was opening up a new store for this kind of local, fresh produce “just around the corner.”

As an entrepreneur and business enthusiast, I thought, “Hmmm… this guy’s got a pretty good idea of his product-market match.” Why?

1. He’s got fresh, local produce

2. He’s setting up a small store where he sells the produce at premium prices

3. He’s close to health-conscious people who are willing to pay higher prices for things like gyms and better food.

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