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JRebel 6.2.4 – Out Now!

We’re happy to announce JRebel 6.2.4 is now available, update today!

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Amped-up Java Development with JBoss Forge and JRebel

If you are Java Developer looking to get a Java EE application up and running quickly, there’s no better combination than JRebel and JBoss Forge. Following along with this post and increase your coding productivity!

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JRebel 6.2.3 Released!

Today we’re proud to announce JRebel 6.2.3 is now available, update today!

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JRebel 6.2.2 Released!

Up Your Minecraft Mod Game with JRebel

Minecraft, one of the most popular games ever, is written in Java. There’s a thriving modding community, learn how to use JRebel to have more fun while writing Minecraft mods.

In this post we’ll talk about Minecraft mods, setup a development environment, create a mod, and use JRebel so we can keep working on the mod without having to restart the client.

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JRebel 6.2.1 Released

JRebel 6.2.1 is now out! Grab the newest JRebel and enjoy all of the improvements and bug fixes today. Improvements to Eclipse and IntelliJ UIs and several application server integrations!

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New UI for IntelliJ IDEA Users!

We are excited to announce that for users of IntelliJ, getting started with JRebel is now easy as pie. JRebel supports multiple ways of running your application server: via IDE, from command line, or remotely (on a separate machine). We have worked hard to make sure you follow the right configuration path and don’t get lost during the setup.

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JRebel 6.2.0 Released

Today we’re releasing JRebel 6.2.0. Our newest release is filled with multiple improvements and updates, both within the plugins as well as on the agent side.

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JRebel and Java EE – Let’s be productive series: CDI Bean Injection

In this third installment of the JRebel and Java EE – Let’s be productive series we’re going to focus on CDI Bean Injection. We will define new beans, wire them, and the class reloading abilities of JRebel will let us see the changes in our JSF pages without redeploying.

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JRebel and Java EE – Let’s be productive series: JPA Entities

If you’re a Java EE developer and haven’t tried JRebel, follow along with this blog post series and see how you can reload code changes instantly. You’ll get back one full work-month per year on average with only a 5 minute investment in installing JRebel. Follow along now!

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